"This photo didn’t instantly stand out to me, which is probably why it stopped me. At first read, it is a lovely close up image of an elderly woman. Upon further study, I noticed the reflection and felt deeply moved by the moment captured. Assuming this is a truly photojournalistic image, it is the kind of work I strive to document for my own couples, and can only imagine that it was incredibly fleeting, and a blend of anticipation, preparation and luck. The image to me not only represents a grandmother reacting sweetly to seeing her granddaughter/bride on her wedding day, but also the flash of life that has passed by the grandmother in what feels (and looks) like a flash. It is a remembrance, or reflection of her own past, while also representing the present moment as well as the future that is about to begin with the ritual of marriage. So in summary, this photo struck me with both the strong sense of photojournalistic moment, as well as the allegorical story of how quickly life passes us by."

Marlies Hartmann
Jury member 21st round Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography


Photo by Kim Rooijackers

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