De juryleden die wij voor elke ronde selecteren hebben zich al geruime tijd Internationaal bewezen in de bruidsfotografie. Hierdoor weten zij heel goed wat een goede bruidsfoto onderscheidt van een leuke bruidsfoto. Er zal onder andere gelet worden op: impact, emotie, sfeer, bijzonderheid, gebruik van licht, compositie en nabewerking. 


Hoe wordt er beoordeeld?

Alle inzendingen worden anoniem beoordeeld, dus de naam van de fotograaf is daarbij niet zichtbaar en de juryleden zitten niet bij elkaar om te discussiëren over foto’s.

Indien 2 of 3 juryleden een stem geven voor een bepaalde foto dan krijgt deze foto een award.
Een jurylid ziet niet welke foto er een stem heeft gekregen van een ander jurylid
Een jurylid mag maximaal een stem geven aan 10% van de inzendingen.
Er is geen minimum voor het aantal stemmen per jurylid





Better than cheesecake on a Wednesday, Matt and Ann are the founders and principle photographers of Green Tea Photography an internationally acclaimed studio based out of Ottawa, Canada and serving clients around the globe. A bit about us? We met for the very first time on a cold November day over a steaming hot cup of green tea, which was the inspiration for our name and where our own story began.

18 Fearless Awards
234 Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada Awards
Top 25 Photographers in the World with Fearless Photographers
Top 4 Photographers in Canada with the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada
SLR Lounge Top 100 North America
TEDx Speaker
Mystic Seminars Speaker
Canada Photo Convention Speaker



Marlies Hartmann


Bio: Marlies is a Los Angeles based award-winning wedding photographer who blends her love of dynamic light and romantic portraiture with authentic photojournalism. When Marlies is not chasing moments she can be found chasing around her mini me, London, at the beach, or mixing up a mezcal cocktail in her Santa Monica kitchen.
Accomplishments and Awards:

100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World - School of Wedding Photography
Rangefinder: Seeing the Light contest winner
Canon Speaker + Educator
SLR Lounge Apex Award winner
The Knot Ambassador
DVLOP Rangefinder contest winner
Mystic Masters contest winner
Magmod Ambassador
Rangefinder's "Photo of the Day”
SLR Lounge Contributor
Published in: Rangefinder, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Good Morning America, The Knot, The Telegraph and more.

Rossi Mechanezidis


Hi! I´m Rossi and I see something you don´t! This is my credo!
I love to be really close to my couples and to the moments and I love to throw myself right into the turmoil, where the action is!
I´m working as a freelance photographer since 2006 already, but in 2017 I restarted my approach to wedding photography totally from the beginning.
This was a magical turning point for me, where I finally developed my actual style and most of all found my own visual language.
The missing parts of the puzzle were mastering the knowledge of natural posing - and mastering off camera flash!
Since then, I´m a real addict to flashes and can´t imagine my life as a wedding photographer without my beloved MagMods!
My mindset can be described short & sweet in four words:
"Think less, feel more!"
Because when you just go with your guts, wonderful and magical things happen!
I believe that there is no luck, neither destiny - just hard work! And Karma!

Although it´s not getting easier finding the couples who really match to us as real passionate wedding photographers, I truly believe that you just have to stick to your dreams, no matter what!
If you really believe in something, go for it and don´t ease up!
Be yourself, take risks, be crazy, delete the words "I can´t do this" from your vocabulary", be megalomaniac, throw yourself into cold waters again and again and again and then enjoy the tears of joy of your incredibly happy couples!
And of course, enjoy the buffet! ;)

I really feel honored to be part of this jury and can´t wait to see all your stunning and marvellous work!
Sunny greetings!
Rossi =)

* Top #2 Photographers 2018 @ Masters of Germany Wedding Photography
* 26 Awards @ Masters of German Wedding Photography
* 2 Fearless Awards
* 1 "This Is Reportage"-Award
* 18 Awards @ Weddingphotographer Society



juryleden history 


20e ronde 2018

Nat Wongsaroj, Ann Wen, Vincy Wang


19e ronde - 2018

 Dan O'day, Sean LeBlanc, Wellington Fugisse


18e ronde - 2018

 Anna Poole, Alessandro Avenali, Matthew Sowa


17e ronde - 2018

 Jordan VothMassimiliano MagliaccaRocio Vega


16e ronde - 2017

Heiko Schmidt, Donatella BarberaFroydis Geithus


15e ronde - 2017

Cafa Liu, Emin Kuliyev, Matt Lien 


14e ronde - 2017

Ken Pak, Tara Theilen, Jakob Granqvist 


13e ronde - 2017

Sam Hurd, Victor Hamke, William Lambelet 


12e ronde - 2017

Zalmy Berkowitz, Ed Peers, Vinny Labella

11e ronde - 2016

Adam Johnson, Alessandro Avenali, Todd Laffler

10e ronde - 2016

Tyler Wirken, Dennis Berti, Brett Butterstein


9e ronde - 2016

Citlali Rico, Daniel Aguilar, Candice C. Cusic

8e ronde - 2016

William Lambelet, Ana Paula Aguiar, Mike Gerrard


7e ronde - 2015

Hendra Lesmana, Andra Dragan, JVS


6e ronde - 2015

Jeff O'NealValerie HidalgoRafael Vaz


 5e ronde - 2015

Victor Lax, Erin Chrisman, Andrea Corsi

4e ronde - 2015

Marius Barbulescu, Samo Rovan, Erika Mann

3e ronde - 2014

Tyler wirken, Fer Juaristi, Susana Barbera 

2e ronde - 2014

Anna Kuperberg, Christine Meintjes, Wesley Nulens

1e ronde - 2014

Gerhard Nel, Lanny Mann, Franck Boutonnet